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Dalgalı Arka Plan

Augmented Reality Solutions

AR Supported Floor Application

Our dynamic structured AR supported mobile application solution does not need a target image to trigger. While using our app, the user can experience the AR technology without having the need of a target image as we’ve integrated the technology with the floor. Thanks to this, students learn about subjects that are hard to grasp by experiencing them as interactive 3D animations. Turkey’s biggest private school franchise is cooperating with us for this technology.

New Education Trend with Augmented Reality
3D Lecturing
Animation and Sounds
High Memorability
Fun to Learn

We present hard to grasp subjects with the help of 3D animations in an interactive way by using the AR technology in the education field. Thanks to our dynamic based AR software library, we are able to deliver thousands of AR scenes inside low-sized applications.

Digital Education Application

Our AR technology, which we have integrated into 16 different books, is also placed in education and publishing market. We deliver an interactive learning experience to the students by taking the digital education applications one step further with the help of 3D animations. Thanks to the 3D and interactive learning method, students learn even the hardest subjects while also having fun.  

 AR Support
Compatible with
Book Images

3D Lecturing

Digital Museums with AR Technology

Did you know that apart from education, AR technologies also create high user experience in digital museum projects?

We’ve designed an Android / IOS supported application with AR technology. When you download this app and scan the images that are in the museum/science centre, you can shoot and share photos or videos interactively with 3D animation and sound effect support.

Augmented Reality Technical Training and Catalogue Application

We are developing dynamic mobile AR and web AR applications by supporting AR (augmented reality) technology in all areas of digitalization in the industry with our own library.

By using augmented reality technology, we are developing an application where users can get information about the product in an interactive information system and may also examine the product if they scan the picture of the product in the catalogue by downloading our company-specific Android / IOS supported application. We may also turn it into an application in which the users can perform assembly / disassembly and technical operation rituals of the parts of a device if desired.

To reach detailed information about AR technical trainings

Augmented Reality Games

We offer mobile games that we develop with the augmented reality technology and are both educatory and funny for children. They may joyfully play our games on a suitable Android / IOS device.

Products with Augmented Reality Designs

We’ve created our Android / IOS supported application by combining augmented reality technology with our project. When you download our mobile application and scan the picture on the product, you can interactively record photos and videos with 3D animation and sound support and share them on social media platforms. You can use AR Tube app and AR Tube labelled products to experience.

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