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Virtual Reality Solutions

Soyut Arkaplan

Digital Education with Virtual Reality

We are developing interactive 3D applications special for establishments that can provide effective learning in the education field by using virtual reality technology. We provide a more effective and fun learning environment thanks to interactions that are supported by VR technology which anyone can experience in a virtual environment in our “The Sun, Planets and Constellations Information System” project.

Interactive Learning with Virtual Reality
Interactive Information
3D Animations and Voiceover
Effective and Fun Learning
New Trend in Education

Technical Training with Virtual Reality

By using virtual reality technology in our projects, we develop applications with 3D designs and training content specific to companies that enable users to receive training interactively and test the trainings that they receive. Radsan A.Ş., with its experience in the field of industry, can be given as an example of our work with virtual reality-supported welding training simulation. Apart from this, you can click on the link below for many OHS-based technical trainings such as VR supported working at heights, unsafe situations and unsafe behaviors etc.

New Marketing Trend with
Virtual Reality

On-the-job Training
Interactive Training
Maintenance Training

Virtual Science Centre

To reach more information about technical trainings with virtual reality or contact us

Virtual Science Centre project makes it possible for the users to inspect our DNA and atomic structure up close while teaching us about our body interactively and funny inside the virtual reality. Our project, which is suitable for any circumstance changes inside it, is a good example of our efforts in the digital education field.

3D Animations and
Interactive Learning
with Virtual Reality
Interactive Learning
Digital Education

Architectural Experiences with Virtual Reality

We make it possible for architectural places to be experienced as real scale virtual reality environments in our virtual tours in architectural places project specially created for our business partners by using virtual reality technology.

Real Scale
Virtual Tours
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