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Mobile Applications

Amazoi Software is a leading software company that develops various mobile applications in the field of healthcare and education. With its technological innovations and user-friendly solutions, it aims to provide effective and efficient applications for both healthcare professionals and students.

Amazoi Software aims to make the lives of healthcare professionals and patients easier by developing mobile applications that make a difference in the healthcare industry. With the applications we have developed, patients can manage their health more effectively and healthcare professionals can work more efficiently.

Mobile Application Amazoi Software


Among the health applications developed by Amazoi Software, there is a mobile application that deals with gastrostomy care and nutrition in children, prepared for Akdeniz University Faculty of Nursing with the support of the Vehbi Koç Foundation Nursing Fund. This application was developed within the scope of my doctoral thesis and aims to provide parents with access to the information they need for the care of children with gastrostomy. The training content has been designed so that parents can easily use it by taking expert opinions in line with evidence-based guides.


Amazoi Software aims to make the lives of its users easier and increase efficiency in these sectors with the mobile applications it develops in the field of health and education. With our innovative and user-oriented approaches, we will continue to be a pioneer in these fields in the future.

Mobile Application Amazoi Software
Mobile Application Amazoi Software G-Muep


Amazoi Software also supports the "NORMAL JOINT MOVEMENT (JOINT) ASSESSMENT" project carried out by the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation of the University of Health Sciences. This project was developed to create the theoretical draft of a PC-based training simulation and received TUSEB B project support. The NEH Assessment project has been an important step in the evaluation of joint movements and the development of simulations for educational purposes.

Mobile Application TherAppy Amazoi Software

Kalben Maintenance Log

'Heart Care Diary', pioneered by Amazoi Software, is a special mobile application developed in cooperation with Akdeniz University Health Sciences Institute, supporting the home care processes of children who have undergone stem cell transplantation. This project is supported by TUSEB A group project support. This application, which aims to facilitate the daily lives of families by combining quality health services with technology, attracts attention with its user-friendly interface and detailed content.

Mobile Application Kalben
Mobile Application Maintenange Amazoi Software
Amazoi Software Mobile Application


Campus101, developed by Amazoi Software, is a special mobile application designed to enrich the campus life of university students. Offering online chats, events, campus news, discounts and more, Campus101 supports the social and academic lives of students.

With Campus101, you can make new friends, discover job and internship opportunities, and make your campus life more enjoyable with various activities. Thanks to this application, you can be informed about all events on campus and benefit from student discounts. Additionally, you can live your university life more actively and fully by interacting with online chats and communities.

Take your university experience to the highest level by joining Campus101 with Amazoi Software's innovative approach and user-friendly design! Campus101 is with you for new friendships, job and internship opportunities and various activities.

Mobile Application Amazoi Software Campus 101
Mobile Application Amazoi Software Campus 101
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