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Sensor Technology Applications

Make a difference in character animation solutions with Amazoi Software. Step into the world of animation with the latest technology.


Animations play a critical role in the success of companies and projects. Especially in marketing and advertising, animations allow brands to tell their stories in an impressive and memorable way.

Sensor Technology Applications Amazoi Software

Virtual Sandbox

Amazoi Software has developed an innovative application called Virtual Sandbox using advanced sensor technologies. This application is a digital version of a physical sandbox, which detects users' interactions through sensors and instantly reflects them into the virtual environment. Just like in a real sandbox, users can shape, dig and build virtual sand. Sensors detect users' movements precisely and transfer each of their actions to the virtual world in real time.

This technology provides unique and immersive experiences for both educational and entertainment uses. Virtual Sandbox allows users to showcase their creativity and make unlimited discoveries not possible in the physical world. With this project, Amazoi Software aims to offer interactive and unforgettable experiences to its users by breaking new ground at the point where the digital and physical worlds meet.

Our Motion Detection Sensor Applications

Amazoi Software develops innovative projects that detect a person's hand and arm movements using motion sensor technologies. These advanced sensors precisely detect the location and pattern of movements made by the user, so they can trigger various events. For example, you can move a virtual object with a specific hand gesture, launch an interactive application with an arm gesture, or activate different scenarios with a specific combination of gestures.

This technology allows users to interact with their natural gestures, making digital experiences more intuitive and immersive. These projects of Amazoi Software offer wide usage in both education and entertainment fields, allowing users to interact with the digital world in a creative and interactive way.

The motion sensor technology we developed as Amazoi Software has implemented an innovative application that changes the flow of content on giant screens according to the movements of users' hands. This technology allows users to interact with their natural gestures, providing a fully haptic experience that does not require touch.


An application we made using sensor technologies developed by Amazoi Software for TUBITAK UZAY. In this application, we detect children or individuals, regardless of their identity, with a sensor and turn them into astronauts. In this sensor system, where the height and width are detected, the person's movements are tracked and the astronaut suit remains on the person.

Amazoi Software sensör teknolojileri TUBITAK
Amazoi Software sensör teknolojileri TUBITAK 2

Kinect Photo and Video App

Kinect Photo and Video Application, developed by Amazoi Software, is an innovative application that detects the location of users with sensor technology and transports them to the virtual world. Thanks to this advanced technology, users can wear certain objects and be equipped with virtual costumes.

The application precisely tracks the user's movements, allowing them to interact with virtual objects when they move towards a certain location. For example, when users step into a virtual scene, they can naturally interact with the objects around them, making photo and video shooting more fun and interactive. Kinect Photo and Video Application offers an innovative and creative experience that allows users to create unique moments in the virtual world.

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