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Virtual Reality Applications

Virtual Reality (VR) applications stand out as an innovation tool that is increasingly used in today's business world. Amazoi Software makes the most of the potential that this technology offers to businesses with its VR applications. By offering interactive and immersive experiences to its users, it allows them to simulate real-world scenarios in a virtual environment, thus making business processes more effective.

Virtual Reality Applications VR Amazoi Software

Skool Labs

Skool Labs is an app that helps children learn. This application, developed using virtual reality VR technology, supports children's learning by providing visual and interactive educational materials. It teaches various topics with interactive scenarios and visuals, thus attracting students' attention and helping them understand the topics more deeply. The application offers students an innovative approach that makes learning fun by using the power of technology in education.

Skool KM

Cultural Heritage Projects developed by Amazoi Software are presented to users by transferring many historical regions to the virtual reality (VR) environment. These projects aim to preserve and promote Turkey's rich cultural heritage on digital platforms. Thanks to virtual reality technology, users can interactively explore historical and cultural places, obtain detailed information and experience the past and present together.

Within the scope of Cultural Heritage Projects, Amazoi Software digitally revives important cultural assets all over Turkey and makes these heritage accessible to large audiences. These projects, which are a joint effort with the Ministry of Culture, play a supporting role in tourism as well as contributing to the preservation of historical monuments and cultural values. Users have the opportunity to engage deeply with history and culture by simulating a real-world visit through Virtual Reality applications.

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Virtual Surgery

Developed by Amazoi Software, the Virtual Surgery Project redefines medical education by providing nurses and doctors with a real surgery experience in a virtual reality (VR) environment. This project offers the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills by enabling healthcare professionals to simulate and practice surgical processes.

Virtual reality technology conveys the atmosphere and complexity of the operating room very close to reality, placing users in a completely immersive environment. By working in different scenarios, nurses and doctors can learn how to deal with emergency situations and practice how to make effective decisions under stress. In this way, you are given the opportunity to be prepared for potential challenges that may be encountered before and during real-life surgeries.

Virtual Reality VR Amazoi Software

Amazoi Software's Virtual Surgery Project stands out as an innovative step in medical education and continues its efforts to increase the quality of education in the healthcare sector. The interactive learning environment provided by VR technology aims to improve the quality of patient care by ensuring that nurses and doctors work in accordance with safety standards.

Fair Application

Smart City VR/PC

The project we developed for GrupImaj aims to present smart city technologies to visualization and user experience on VR and PC platforms. In this project, we visualize various features of the city in detail, allowing users to discover different aspects of city life. We interactively present various dynamics of the city to the user, from earthquake simulations to lighting controls, from parking areas to human population management.

While the virtual reality VR version provides users with a completely immersive experience, allowing them to wander around the streets of the city and examine the environment closely, the PC version provides access to a wider user base and offers the opportunity to understand and learn smart city technologies with interactive visuals and data analysis. This project not only showcases technological innovations for GrupImaj, but also plays a leading role in future city planning and management.



An application we developed for Akdeniz Chemson is an innovative concept through which the company introduces its own products in practice. This application aims to present Akdeniz Chemson's product information, advantages and usage areas to the user in detail.

Thanks to its interactive and user-friendly interface, the application enables users to better understand the technical features, advantages and industrial applications of the products by supporting them with visual and written content. Detailed images and videos showing how the products are used and under what conditions the most efficient results are obtained help users obtain comprehensive information about the products.

This application is a comprehensive promotional tool that enables Akdeniz Chemson to communicate more effectively with its customers and business partners, while also emphasizing how its products stand out in the market and their competitive advantages. Users can increase their confidence in Akdeniz Chemson's products by directly discovering the innovations and advantages provided by the products.


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