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Web Simulation Solutions

Amazoi Software aims to maximize user experience and interaction by offering web simulation solutions equipped with innovative technologies. These solutions enable brands to offer realistic and interactive experiences to their target audiences. Web simulations can be used in various areas such as training, product promotion and customer service, so brands can make a difference in the digital world. Web simulation solutions offered by Amazoi Software are designed specifically for each project, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Amazoi Software Web Simulation Solution Amazoi Software

Newborn Simulation

Our project is an interactive web-based application that offers specially designed 3D designs and educational content using WebGL technology. Thanks to this application, companies and institutions can offer special training to their employees and experience and test these trainings interactively. The Newborn Simulation we developed for Akdeniz University, especially in the field of healthcare, is an example of how we can develop solutions suitable for the training needs of companies.

Accessible Simulation

Digitalization in Education

WebGL technology enables users to experience real-world scenarios in a virtual environment. In this way, training becomes more effective and more attractive to participants. Educational contents supported by special 3D designs and animations make it easier to understand complex subjects and make the information more permanent.​

As Amazoi Software, we aim to modernize the training processes of companies and institutions and make them more effective. These applications, which we developed with WebGL technology, increase the accessibility of trainings and offer solutions that meet the needs of institutions thanks to their customizable content. You can contact us for detailed information and demo requests.

Web Based Technical Applications

In our project, we are developing a web-based application that offers specially designed 3D designs and interactive training content for companies, combining our industrial experience and cutting-edge WebGL technology. Thanks to this application, users will be able to receive interactive trainings specially prepared for their companies and test the trainings they receive.


Especially, Radsan A.Ş., which has experience in the industrial sector. The Web-Based Welding Training Simulation we developed for leading companies such as is an example of our work. These simulations aim to increase productivity and safety in the workplace by providing training of personnel specialized in welding processes in an interactive and interactive way.

For details of these trainings, you can go to the Amazoi Tech page.

Our WebGL technical training solution allows users to record every step in their technical training process in detail and analyze this data by reporting it. In this way, businesses can measure and improve the effectiveness of their training programs and constantly monitor the skills and knowledge levels of their employees.

As Amazoi Software, we offer customized, high-quality training solutions to companies, using our expertise in health, safety and industrial training. These solutions have been developed with a strategic approach to raise safety standards in workplaces and increase operational efficiency.


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