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Amazoi Software Character Animation

Character animations are one of the most expressive and popular art forms of the modern digital age. It has a wide range of uses in many industries such as film, television, video games and advertising. The features sought in character animations are critical to attract the audience's attention, establish an emotional bond, and convey the story effectively. As Amazoi Tech, we prioritize these features in our character animation solutions and offer extraordinary animations using the latest technology.

Technical Excellence

High Quality Texture and Models

In today's games, visual quality is an important factor that directly affects the player experience. Therefore, game developers try to make game worlds more realistic and impressive by using high quality textures and models. High quality textures provide players with a more immersive experience by creating detailed surfaces and textures. Textures, especially at 4K and even 8K resolutions, increase the visual richness of games and create a more impressive environment.


High Poly and Low Poly Models

Both high poly and low poly models are used in the game development process. High poly models are often used for character models, cinematic scenes and close-ups because they have a high level of detail. These models look very realistic due to their detailed topology and abundant polygons. However, due to the high polygon count, processing power and memory requirements are also high.

Low poly models contain fewer polygons and are therefore more advantageous in terms of performance. Low poly models, which are especially preferred in large open world games and mobile games, are optimized to provide high performance and reduce hardware requirements. These models are often used in conjunction with LOD (Level of Detail) techniques to automatically adjust detail levels according to the player's perspective.

Quality and Optimization

High Quality Topology Animations

Topology refers to how the surface of a 3D animation model is arranged and directly affects the quality of the animation. High-quality topology animations provide smooth and natural movements, making characters and objects look more realistic. The correct topology minimizes deformations and makes animations more fluid and believable.


Optimization for Game Engines

Animations optimized for game engines maintain a balance of performance and visual quality. Unreal Engine, Unity, and other popular game engines offer a variety of optimization tools for both high poly and low poly models. These optimizations ensure that games run smoothly on different hardware. For example, texture compression techniques allow textures to take up less space in memory and load faster. Likewise, animation optimization techniques increase performance by using processing power efficiently.

Education and Information

Character animations are an excellent tool for presenting complex information in a simple and understandable way. By using animation in content such as training videos and product promotions, you can help viewers understand the information better.


Naturalness of Movements

One of the most important features sought in character animations is the naturalness of movements. Realistic and fluid movements allow the audience to connect with the character. As the Amazoi Software team, we record even the smallest movements precisely, allowing the characters to move naturally and realistically.


Emotional Expressions

Characters' emotional expressions are critical to establishing an emotional connection with the audience. Our advanced facial motion detection technology captures characters' facial expressions in detail, providing emotional depth.

Creativity and Originality

Original Character Designs

Each character animation should stand out with its unique character designs. Amazoi Tech creates customized and unique characters based on the needs of its customers. This ensures that the brand has unique and characteristic content.

Creative Storytelling

Character animations must support effective storytelling. Creative and original stories capture the audience's attention and engage them in the story. Our animations prioritize creative storytelling to deliver unforgettable experiences for viewers.

Cost and Time Management

Cost and Time Management

A fast and efficient production process reduces the costs of animation projects. As Amazoi Software, we continue to carry out our projects quickly and with high quality by hosting various projects.

Appropriate Budgets

Less manual intervention and faster deliveries allow us to deliver high-quality animation solutions for our partners at more affordable budgets. This both saves costs and ensures that projects are completed on time.

Interaction and Participation

Animations are extremely effective in increasing audience engagement. Animated and lively characters attract viewers' attention and encourage them to further engage with the content. This is a huge advantage, especially in social media campaigns.

Character Animation Applications

Using the latest technology in character animation solutions, Amazoi Software records 3D character animations simultaneously with 360° motion sensors. Thanks to this innovative approach, our business partners have the opportunity to offer special and characteristic content to their brands. Advanced motion sensors increase our competitiveness in the industry by developing much more realistic 3D animation solutions faster. For your full-length 3D animation requests, you can contact us by filling out the form below.


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