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R & D Project

Amazoi Software is a technology company that develops innovative and customizable solutions for R&D projects. R&D practices allow us to offer solutions for our customers' specific needs using technology. These applications help our customers optimize their business processes, develop innovative products and services, and gain competitive advantage. As Amazoi Software, we aim to produce solutions that exceed our customers' expectations and shape the future by pushing the boundaries of technology in our R&D projects.

R & D project applications

VR Surgery Laparoscopy

The Virtual Reality (VR) Supported Laparoscopic Gastroesophageal Reflux Surgery Simulation Model Creation project has received 1507 TUBITAK support in partnership with HORIZON MED. This project aims to ensure that pediatric surgeons encounter complex surgical procedures more frequently. The learning curve in surgery for gastroesophageal reflux disease is generally stated as 20-40 cases. However, the number of surgeries that surgical assistants can perform as primary surgeons in advanced centers during their training period generally varies between 3-5 (up to 5%). This number may decrease further in smaller centers, and in some centers it may not be carried out at all during the training period.

Amazoi Software R & D procjt

The main aim of the project is to create a surgery simulation model in gastroesophageal reflux surgery with the use of Virtual Reality (VR) simulation technology. These simulations can be repeated many times by surgeons without time and space limitations. In this way, the surgeons' learning curve will accelerate, surgery time will decrease, better movement orientation will be provided and complication rates will decrease. As a result, patient safety will be improved.

As Amazoi Software, we play an important role in this project by using Virtual Reality VR technologies in areas such as medical education and surgery simulations. We aim to increase the quality and safety in healthcare by supporting surgeons' skill development with our innovative technologies.

Virtual Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Application

Our project, supported by TUBITAK 1512 and 1507 calls, offers personalized exercise programs under the guidance of physiotherapists in physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. These programs optimize treatment processes by ensuring exercise in repetitions and durations determined by motion sensors. It also helps patients exercise with proper form at home through an augmented reality-supported mobile application. This application, enriched with a three-dimensional environment and characters, ensures that patients stay motivated and work with the right techniques while exercising.

Our project facilitates the work of both patients and healthcare professionals by promoting the use of digital technologies in the healthcare sector. It makes physical rehabilitation processes more effective and efficient with personalized exercise programs and augmented reality applications. This innovative approach stands out as an important step in the integration of technology into healthcare services.


Amazoi Software, we are revolutionizing education with the innovative simulation application we developed for 2nd grade students studying physical therapy. This simulation helps students increase their skills and knowledge in the field of physical therapy by providing them with the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

Our application allows students to learn different physical therapy techniques in realistic scenarios. These trainings, which are held in a virtual environment, offer as effective a learning environment as possible.

Amazoi Software ar-ge projeler fizik tedavi

Additionally, our simulation application encourages students' interactive participation and makes the learning process more interesting. By presenting educational materials visually and practically, it enables students to better understand complex subjects and reinforce their knowledge.


SKOOL - Digitalized Education Project is an important initiative that has gained 1507 TÜBITAK support and achieved great success in this field. Today's students have a great ability and interest in accessing technology. Directing this natural interest towards education correctly is possible by integrating technology into educational processes. Within the scope of our project, the various and rich materials we offer in addition to traditional education capture students' interest in technology, motivate them more and make their learning processes more efficient.


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